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SABIC now is among the biggest six petrochemical companies and ranks fourth in terms of technical achievements, new patents besides intensive and continuous research to keep on going of innovations according to up-to-date scientific techniques.

SABIC systems for technology and innovation achieved remarkable breakthroughs. SABIC now owns more than 8,000 patents acknowledged around the world. SABIC’s innovation efforts stands on one corporate research and innovation center and 15 technology and application centers around the world, including state-of-the-art labs, pilot plants and modeling/simulation tools.

This system employs more than 1,500 world-class scientists, engineers and technicians worldwide, with more than 400 being holders of PhD degrees. In addition to specific research programs, SABIC is committed to professional career development programs for its researchers, and compliance with all international safety standards.

SABIC Technical & Innovation Meeting has deep roots in the innovation culture of the organization. It represents the main platform for SABIC talents, technicians, professionals and experts to share their collective technical knowledge. This forum makes the base foundation where SABIC capitalizes on and nourishes the strength of its basic assets, the employees.